Our hotel is situated in the heart of the city of Minden directly at the market square. Strolling through the narrow alleys you can feel the cobblestone pavement beneath your feet. The small frame house to your left and to your right are still so tight-knit to each other as the craftsman and the chandler of the middle ages were who actually lived and worked in these pretty houses. Continuing your walk through the picturesque Old Town you find residences of merchants and nobility built in the 16th century. Finally spare a glance at the 1000-year old Cathedral which is only a few steps away from the oldest City Hall in the Westfalian area which is decorated with a famous gothic alcove. Discover the crossing waterways: Weser and Mittellandkanal, two large and important waterways are crossing in the metropolitan area of Minden.

The Minden countryside offers two splendiferous castles built in the so-called era of Weserrenaissance: The Castle of Bückeburg – built around 1300 which is well known beyond the borders of our area and certainly is one of the most important historial building in the Northern part of Germany – and the impressing Weser Castle in Petershagen.

Minden’s popular market square about 100 years ago